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McConnell explains what it will take for him to talk more with Biden

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) insists he and President Biden, who he's known for many years, are still friends. "I like him a lot," he told The Atlantic. But they haven't had much of a conversation since Biden took over. 

In McConnell's eyes, "Joe has decided to go hard left" in terms of the policies he's pursuing, so "as long as he's trying to do these kinds of things, there's not much for us to talk about." 

The window is still open, McConnell told The Atlantic, though it sounds like the burden would fall on Biden to make the first move. "If [Biden] were ever to shift [to] a more centrist position, I'd expect we'd be talking more," McConnell explained. "It's not personal. He's not mad at me and I'm not mad at him." Read more at The Atlantic.