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Chauvin sentencing

George Floyd's 7-year-old daughter delivers emotional statement in court: 'I miss you'

George Floyd's daughter delivered an emotional statement in court Friday before former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was set to be sentenced for his murder. 

Members of Floyd's family gave victim impact statements during a hearing before Chauvin's sentencing was to be announced, two months after the former office was convicted on murder charges in Floyd's killing. Floyd's 7-year-old daughter Gianna spoke via an emotional video that played in court. 

"I ask about him all the time," she said. "How did my dad get hurt?" 

The video also showed Gianna Floyd saying she wants to "play with" her late father, and after she was asked what she would want to say to him, she said, "I miss you and I love him." When also asked if she wishes her father was still here, she said "he is" through his spirit. 

Floyd's brothers spoke during the hearing as well. Terrence Floyd asked Chauvin, "what was going through your head when you had your knee on my brother's neck?" Philonise Floyd also spoke and asked for Chauvin to receive the maximum sentence, saying, "My family and I have been given a life sentence."