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Daniel Craig finally learned about his 'weekend' meme

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Craig has just learned he's a meme.

The James Bond star was asked in an interview with The New York Times about the viral clip that makes the rounds every Friday of him introducing the Weeknd as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, which has been repurposed to indicate the actor is officially declaring the weekend is here. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Weeknd," he says in the clip.

Until this conversation, though, Craig had no clue this meme was a thing. "What is that?" he asked. When it was explained to him, the actor called the meme "amazing," adding, "I don't know what that is, but thank you. That's lovely. I suppose I'd have to have social media to know what that was all about." 

The meme was popularized by the Twitter account @CraigWeekend, which tweets out the short clip every Friday in what has quickly become a tradition. The account's creator, Miles Riehle, recalled to The New York Times being amused by the "double entendre" of Craig presenting viewers what sounded like "the weekend" rather than "the Weeknd," adding that the meme has now created a "community of good vibes" on Twitter. Craig may be hanging up his tuxedo as Bond, but his weekend declarations may well outlast us all.