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Kim Kardashian reveals Pete Davidson got her name 'branded' on him like 'a scar'

Pete Davidson wanted to do something "really different" for his latest tattoo, Kim Kardashian says, and he didn't disappoint — though it's not actually a tattoo at all. 

On The Ellen DeGeneres ShowKardashian confirmed the Saturday Night Live star has gotten "a few" tattoos inspired by her since they started dating last fall. This includes a "cute" one that says "my girl is a lawyer," even though Kardashian has seemingly not passed the full bar exam yet. But after fans recently noticed a "Kim" on Davidson's body in a shirtless photo, Kardashian revealed this is "actually a branding." 

DeGeneres appeared a bit perplexed by this bombshell, asking Kardashian, "When you say branding, so like literally an iron thing went onto his body to brand 'Kim'?" She confirmed, "Yes."

As for why Davidson would do such a thing, Kardashian said that because he has been removing or covering up some of his other tattoos — including from when he was dating Ariana Grande — this time, he decided he didn't "want to be able to get rid of it" and wanted it like "a scar" on him. 

"It's so cute, guys," Kardashian insisted, looking out to the almost dead silent studio audience. 

Davidson previously told Seth Meyers he was in the process of getting his tattoos removed, in part because covering them up for movie roles in such a hassle. "If you're gonna get tattoos," he joked, "just make sure you really, really want it and aren't on mushrooms."