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Pete Davidson is no longer going to space on Blue Origin's next flight

Houston, we have a scheduling problem. 

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson won't be heading to space on Blue Origin's next flight after all. Jeff Bezos' rocket company has announced the comedian "is no longer able to join" the New Shepard's next mission after its date was shifted to March 29. 

Originally, the Blue Origin flight was set for March 23, and Davidson was set to join five customers. Those five passengers are apparently still set for the flight, but Blue Origin said it will announce a replacement for Davidson "in the coming days."

Davidson was set to be the latest celebrity to partner with Blue Origin and take an 11-minute trip to space after Star Trek star William Shatner and Good Morning America anchor Michael Strahan, not to mention Bezos himself. It wasn't immediately clear why Davidson can't join Blue Origin on March 29, though TMZ notes he's recently been working on a movie called The Home, so it's possible he had a conflict with filming that or something else. 

Either way, it seems Davidson won't be getting that much-needed 11-minute break from Kanye West's constant attacks just yet.