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'the highs and even the lows'

Tim Tebow's attempted NFL comeback is over

It's no longer Tebow Time for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Tim Tebow was released as tight end for the Jaguars on Tuesday after he made his return to football for the first time since 2015, ESPN reports

"Thankful for the highs and even the lows, the opportunities, and the setbacks," Tebow tweeted. "I've never wanted to make decisions out of fear of failure and I'm grateful for the chance to have pursued a dream." 

Tebow also thanked the Jaguars and "everyone who has supported me in this journey." His deal with the Jaguars saw him reunite with coach Urban Meyer and move into the tight end position after previously winning the Heisman Trophy as University of Florida quarterback. 

Following a recent loss to the Cleveland Browns, though, a column in USA Today questioned how Tebow was still on the team after making "one of the most brutal debuts one could have" and getting "rightfully got roasted for not one, but two really bad blocks and then had the only pass thrown near him taken away by a teammate." 

In May, Tebow described joining the Jaguars as a tight end as a "challenge," but a "challenge I embrace." NFL Network's Ian Rapoport wrote Tuesday that Meyer "took a chance, an experiment," and though it "didn't work out," it was "a fascinating no-risk gamble."