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Fetterman dubs himself Oprah's '2022 Election Selection' with cheeky new Twitter pic

Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Senate John Fetterman has quickly embraced Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of his candidacy — even going so far as to dub himself an official selection of "Oprah's Book Club."

"#NewProfilePic," Fetterman tweeted Nov. 3, when Winfrey first told attendees at a virtual voting event that she "would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman" — not Republican and former talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose career Winfrey helped spawn — if she lived in Pennsylvania. 

And in a funny little touch to the profile update, the campaign added the insignia for Winfrey's famous book club, which has included past selections like Cheryl Strayed's Wild and Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex, in the top left corner of the tweet's accompanying photo. The tagline "2022 Election Selection" runs across the seal's middle.

Outside of her Thursday remarks, Winfrey has remained quiet as to her thoughts on the Pennsylvania race and Oz's candidacy. When first asked about it last year, Winfrey said "it's up to the residents of Pennsylvania to decide who will represent them."

On Friday, Fetterman spokesperson Joe Calvello described the endorsement as a "devastating rebuke" of Oz. And when asked if it bothered him, Oz told Fox News, "No, I love Oprah … She and I have different politics, and that's okay."