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Russia has been hit with 2,778 new sanctions since invading Ukraine, database reports

Russia is now the world's most-sanctioned nation, just 10 days after President Vladimir Putin forged ahead with an invasion of Ukraine, Bloomberg reports.

The 2,778 new sanction designations against Russia since Feb. 22 have kicked the country past both Iran, Syria, and North Korea and brought its count to a total of over 5,530, Bloomberg writes per Castellum.ai, a global sanctions tracking database.

For reference, Iran, the second-most sanctioned nation, has "confronted 3,616 sanctions against it over the course of a decade, most for its nuclear program and support of terrorism."

Sanctions graph.


"This is financial nuclear war and the largest sanctions event in history," Peter Piatetsky, co-founder of Castellum.ai and former Treasury Department official for both the Obama and Trump administrations, told Bloomberg. "Russia went from being part of the global economy to the single largest target of global sanctions and a financial pariah in less than two weeks."

For the U.S., many of the sanctions imposed on Russia before the Ukraine invasion were for interfering in the 2016 presidential election and "attacking political dissidents in Russia and abroad," Bloomberg writes. 

Of all the nations sanctioning Russia, Switzerland is leading the way with 568 actions. The European Union has imposed 518, with the U.S. having enacted 243.