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Ben Stiller and Sean Penn banned from Russia due to support of Ukraine

Sean Penn and Ben Stiller have been permanently banned from Russia — not that they were planning to go anytime soon. 

The actors are among the latest U.S. citizens who have been sanctioned by Russia due to their support of Ukraine, and they've both been banned from entering the country, Reuters reports.

Penn has been vocal in supporting Ukraine ever since Russia invaded the country earlier this year. At the time, Penn was in Ukraine filming a documentary. In April, the actor appeared on multiple news networks to discuss the conflict after meeting with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky the day before Russia's invasion. "In him, I saw something that I've never seen before in my lifetime," Penn told Fox News, saying the Ukraine president was "born for" leading the country at this time. 

In March, Penn vowed he would "smelt" his two Oscars "in public" if it turned out Zelensky wasn't allowed to speak at the Academy Awards. 

Meanwhile, Stiller has also been supportive of Ukraine during Russia's invasion and met with Zelensky in June on World Refugee Day. "You're my hero," Stiller told Zelensky. "You're amazing. You quit a great acting career for this." The Meet the Parents star is an ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency. 

According to Reuters, other Americans who have been sanctioned by Russia this week include six senators and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.