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Why Jane Goodall won't rule out the existence of Bigfoot

The world's favorite primatologist is weighing in on the world's biggest controversy: The existence of Bigfoot, which she won't rule out.

Jane Goodall told GQ about a time when she visited a remote village in Ecuador and asked the people if they'd ever seen a monkey without a tail. "Three of the hunters came back and said, 'Oh yes. We've seen monkeys without tails. They walk upright and they're about six foot tall,'" she recalled, noting they knew nothing of Bigfoot.

"Every single country has its version. Yeti, Yowie in Australia, Wild Man in China. So I don't know if it's perhaps a myth that stems from maybe the last of the Neanderthals. But then is the last of the Neanderthals still living in these remote forests? I don't know. But I'm not going to say it doesn't exist and I'm not going to say people who believe in it are stupid," she concluded.

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