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Dallas airport resumes operations after woman opens fire; suspect in custody

A 37-year-old woman was injured and then arrested by police at Texas' Dallas Love Field Airport on Monday after opening fire near the ticketing counters, The New York Times reports.

An officer shot and injured alleged gunwoman Portia Odufuwa in the "lower extremities" before apprehending her and taking her to a hospital, Chief Eddie Garcia of the Dallas Police Department said at a Monday afternoon news conference. No other injuries have been reported. 

Garcia said Odufuwa had been dropped off at Dallas Love Field around 11 a.m., "then appeared to change her clothes in a restroom before emerging and opening fire inside the airport," the Times summarizes. She had also apparently aimed her gun at the ceiling while firing it, CNN notes. It's unclear if she otherwise had a specific target in mind, or what her exact motive might have been. 

Meanwhile, the incident left travelers panicked, flights delayed, and operations temporarily suspended (though they have since resumed).

Dallas Love Field is "located about six miles northwest of downtown Dallas and primarily serves Southwest Airlines," per CNN.