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Losing His Support

Trump criticizes McConnell, says Rick Scott should take his place as GOP Senate leader

Former President Donald Trump decried Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and said he should be ousted as the head of the Senate Republicans. 

During an interview with Fox News published on Election Day, Trump described McConnell as a "lousy leader" and said the GOP needed new leadership in both chambers of Congress. "People are very upset with Mitch McConnell — I'll tell you who is upset with him — the public," the former president said. "I think we'll probably have to live with him for two years, and if I run and if I win, I will say, 'Don't send me any legislation if he's the leader,' and he'll be out in two minutes."

"McConnell has been very bad for our nation," Trump continued. "He has been very bad for the Republican Party. I would be in favor of somebody else — McConnell has done a very bad job."

The former president also said he regretted previously endorsing McConnell and has called in the past for his impeachment — despite the fact that neither senators nor representatives can be impeached. Instead, Trump suggested that Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) could take McConnell's place, calling him a "very talented guy." 

"I think Rick Scott is a likely candidate — he hates [McConnell]," Trump said. 

There has been a significant falling out between Trump and McConnell, with the former allies largely splitting with each other after the Jan. 6 attacks. Since leaving office, Trump has significantly ramped up his attacks on McConnell, saying he had a "death wish." Trump is widely expected to announce a presidential bid early next week, while control of the Senate for at least the next two years will be decided on Tuesday night.