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Downton Abbey actresses play Cards Against Humanity. Everyone wins.

If you're never played the game Cards Against Humanity, you're in good company — neither had Laura Carmichael, Lesley Nicol, and Phyllis Logan, the actresses who play Downton Abbey characters Lady Edith Crawley, Mrs. Patmore, and Mrs. Hughes, respectively. In the game, one player draws a card with a question or unfinished sentence, and the other players submit answer cards; players get a point if their card is selected.

Luckily for us, Entertainment Weekly introduced the three actors to the game, filmed them playing for the first time, scored the game with classical music, then released it to the world. The fun of the game is the vulgarity of the answers, and that's probably why EW called up the ladies of Downton Abbey. You can watch the spectacle — and see Mrs. Hughes say "bitches" — below. --Peter Weber