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Study: Men who like spicy food have more testosterone

You can infer a lot when someone asks you to pass the hot sauce.

A study at the University of Grenoble in France found that men who liked spicier foods had higher testosterone levels than those who preferred milder foods. The study, published in the journal Physiology and Behavior, looked at 114 men ages 18 to 44.

The men were polled about their tastes and were then served mashed potatoes, with directions to add their desired level of hot sauce. The men who used more hot sauce tended to have higher testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels are linked to social dominance and "daring behaviors," according to the study, while lower testosterone levels are linked to "lethargy or depressive mood."

The scientists are still working to understand the correlation between capsaicin, the chemical that makes food spicy, and testosterone levels. "A wide range of factors, including genetic, physiological, psychological, and social forces, influence the liking and consumption of capsaicin-containing food," the study authors wrote.