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Jon Stewart gives Congress two cheers for bravely depriving Nazis of Social Security benefits

Last week, Congress unanimously passed a self-explanatory bill called the No Social Security For Nazis Act — a move Jon Stewart originally attributed to a ploy by Congress to raise its embarrassingly low approval rating. After mocking Congress for having any debate on such a political no-brainer of a law, Stewart "learned" on Monday night's Daily Show that the U.S. actually was sending Social Security payments to at least a handful of Nazis who deported themselves, saving the Justice Department the trouble.

"Well, don't I look stupid," Stewart said. "Really, we had no other way to make Nazis go away than to bribe them?" There's a good Hogan's Heroes joke, a less-successful marathon one, and some other questionable Nazi jokes. But the fun really starts when Jordan Klepper comes on and, um, doesn't quite get the story right. --Peter Weber