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Here's the Hillary Clinton country music video we've all been waiting for

The image of a generic blue collar guy singing a country ballad probably isn't what comes to mind when one thinks of the average Hillary 2016 supporter. But the Stand With Hillary super PAC has tapped into some twangy talent in hopes of appealing to a surprising demographic.

The newly released video, appropriately titled,"Stand with Hillary," features a rugged good ol' boy singing about "this great lady, caring, hard-working, once a First Lady," referring, yes, to Hillary Clinton.

While it's fairly cheesy, (the singer at one point urges the listener to "put your boots on, and let's smash this ceiling!" — while literally smashing some glass with "2016" spray-painted on it) the song is sort of catchy, so perhaps we could consider this mission accomplished where reminding voters that Hillary is a 2016 contender is concerned. --Teresa Mull