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Navy official: Ebola isolation is 'pretty much vacation' for military

File this one under unexpected comparisons.

"All I can say about this camp, Langley, it's pretty much vacation," Navy Chief Petty Officer Jason Knifley said of the air force base in Virginia where many service members are on Ebola quarantine. "It's Wi-Fi everywhere, flat screens everywhere, big gym to either lift or run. There's an asphalt road kind of running around the perimeter that you can work out on. This isn't bad at all."

Langley has 21 buildings for 90 service members who have returned from missions in West Africa. The military personnel are undergoing a precautionary 21-day quarantine for Ebola monitoring. The Langley base apparently has video games, a library, and a gym, in addition to multiple options for every meal.

"Most of us have been in far worse conditions than this, and it's only 21 days," Air Force Maj. Jeffrey Chaperon told AP. "You can stand on your head for three weeks if you've got to."