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Intoxicated man arrested at Taco Bell takes saddest mug shot ever

It's pretty clear just by looking at Gabriel Harris that he's a huge fan of Taco Bell; after all, his hair's the color of a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze.

That's likely why he looks so distraught in his mug shot, taken after he was arrested at a Taco Bell earlier this week by New Smyrna Beach, Florida, police for resisting arrest with violence. An intoxicated Harris, 33, tried to order from the drive-through but was refused service because he was on a bicycle and the restaurant was about to close, WFTV reports.

Desperately in need of a chalupa, Harris refused to leave, and was found by police on his bike in the drive-through lane. One of the officers saw Harris had a Swiss Army knife on him, and tried to take it; Harris grabbed at his wrist, and was then wrestled to the ground by officers, who promptly arrested him.