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Jon Stewart thinks Jon Gruber's 'dickish comments' are the GOP's best shot at finally sinking ObamaCare

A year after its disastrous launch, the ObamaCare website is running flawlessly, just in time for 2015 open enrollment, Jon Stewart noted on Tuesday night's Daily Show. Too bad that good news has been completely swamped by year-old comments from MIT health economist and ObamaCare consultant Jonathan Gruber. Stewart played all the highlights of Gruber suggesting that voters are stupid and Democrats hid the structure of ObamaCare.

Stewart said he can see why Republicans hate this "super-egghead" economist "jerk" from "Taxachussetts" who talks in the same "pinched nasal tone" as Hollywood uber-nerd Eddie Deezen. But now Democrats hate this "Progressive boogeyman," too. Nancy Pelosi, who has cited him by name before, says she doesn't even know who he is. Stewart said the Democrats should "come clean" about previously denying that the individual mandate is a tax.

Then he addressed Republicans: "You've tried to kill this law every which way: 50,000 congressional 'repeals,' defunding threats, lawsuits up the wazoo — which, by the way, fully covered now under ObamaCare — but you keep trying, and now your best remaining move, the strongest card in your deck, looks to be the Gruber" and his "off-handed and kind of dickish comments." Well, that plus the Supreme Court. --Peter Weber