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The White House is preparing for a GOP-led Congress

A poll released Sunday found that Republicans will likely regain a Senate majority on Tuesday. But White House aides told The New York Times that President Obama will use his executive power to push Democratic policies in his last two years in office.

The aides are expecting a "less friendly Congress," according to the Times, and are already "mapping possible compromises with Republicans to expand trade, overhaul taxes, and build roads and bridges." The Obama administration is preparing for a GOP-led House and Senate in anticipation of Tuesday's elections.

Obama plans to push Democratic policies on climate change, immigration, energy, gay rights, and the economy, the White House aides told the Times. Sources speculated that after the election, Obama may announce "a unilateral overhaul of immigration rules to make it easier for millions who are in the country illegally to stay."

Some of Obama's advisers, though, hope he will change his way of handling issues during his last two years as president. The advisers said they were "no longer consulted as much" and worry Obama is taking on too much by himself.