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Satanists made a coloring book for schoolchildren

Satanists made a coloring book for schoolchildren

The battle over who gets to indoctrinate schoolchildren is in full force in Florida — and it's being fought over coloring books.

The Satanic Temple has submitted a coloring book and two fact sheets to public schools in Orlando, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The coloring book (see the coloring book here) features cartoon children performing Satanic rituals and drawing pentragrams in school, along with a word search for words like "acceptance" and "friends" and a maze to reach the Necronmicon, a fabled occult spellbook. The children in the book wear Satanic symbols on their shirts and spread anti-bullying and religious tolerance messages. A coloring page features a girl reading in a study filled with Satanic art, books and symbols. A connect-the-dots sheet creates a pentagram. [Orlando Sentinel]

The Temple is seeking permission to distribute the books at public schools, a move that would be allowed only if the Orange school board changes its policy to allow religious groups to put materials on tables inside high schools, a change that is being discussed.

The coloring book is part of the Satanic Temple's response to Christian groups who gave out Bibles to Orange students earlier this year.