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Study: ObamaCare increases health premiums by as much as 78 percent

According to a new study by HealthPocket that examined average health insurance premiums before the implementation of ObamaCare in 2013 and then afterward in 2014, insurance premiums have risen dramatically across the board since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The 23-year-old demographic is taking the hardest hit in the wallet, as the Washington Times reports men in that age group are "seeing an average 78.2 percent price increase before factoring in government subsidies," while women's premiums have risen an average of 44.9 percent.

Thirty-year-olds are also seeing their premiums skyrocket — men on an average of 73.4 percent and women on an average of 35.1 percent.

Older insurance buyers have also seen their rates increase, though at a much less dramatic rate compared to their younger counterparts. Sixty-three-year-old men saw their rates increase by 37.5 percent, and women of the same age saw theirs increase by 22.7 percent.

The study, to be widely released today, is titled "Without Subsidies Women & Men, Old & Young Average Higher Monthly Premiums with ObamaCare."