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Super Mario painting replaces pro-annexation mural in Moscow

Super Mario painting replaces pro-annexation mural in Moscow

The controversy over Russia's annexation of Crimea earlier this year is spilling into the streets — literally, Russian website Gazeta.ru reports.

Artists in Moscow painted an enormous pro-government mural celebrating the annexation on historic Novoslobodskaya Street, the BBC says, but had to paint over it after residents on the street complained. The painting depicted a Russian hockey player with his puck over Crimea, and was adorned with the words "2014: We took back what was ours" in Russian.

The original mural being painted. | (Imgur)

The murals were planned and created by Art-Facade, a pro-government art studio in Russia. But Art-Facade neglected to check in with Novoslobodskaya Street residents before erecting the massive homage to annexation — and when the residents did see the image, they asked that it be replaced with "something benevolent," the BBC reports.

The result? Everyone's favorite plumber, in the middle of one of his iconic jumps in pursuit of a gold star. The new text reads "Reach for the stars," which, unless you're a Koopa Troopa, does seem much more peaceful. --Kimberly Alters

The new Mario mural. | (Imgur)