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Russian TV station sees CIA conspiracy behind CEO's plane crash

Christophe de Margerie, the CEO of the French oil company Total, was killed on Monday when his private jet crashed into a snowplow at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport. The investigation is ongoing, but Russian officials are zeroing in on the airport's management for "criminal negligence."

One top Russian TV station, however, has another theory.

Reports Stephen Fidler at The Wall Street Journal:

Russian television viewers were treated to a different version. According to a top Russian television channel, a plot by the Central Intelligence Agency couldn't be ruled out. Mr. de Margerie was, after all, a prominent opponent of U.S. and European Union sanctions on Moscow, and Washington wanted him silenced. This story was relayed not by an outraged nationalist pundit but by a newscaster. [The Wall Street Journal]

No word on whether they think the CIA is also behind ISIS and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Oh wait...