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Family Tree

Watch Mitt Romney name all of his grandchildren from a huge photo

Mitt Romney isn't likely to run for president again — but he sure does have a lot of grandchildren to keep him company. And in an appearance on Bloomberg Politics, he was given a challenge: To name all of them, from an enlarged family photo.

"Well, that's Nate, and that's Miles, and that's Johnny, and that's Eleanor, and that's Solé, and that's Kieran. And this over — let's see, who can I even see back here? Uh, let's see, we've got Thomas back here. And this little one that's crying that's got to be William — no, that's William down here — so that's David. And that's Allie."

At this point, host Mark Halperin cut him off: "All right, all right. We're going to say you proved your point. I'll give you credit for the rest."

"Good thing you didn't have to ask for a lifeline any time along the way," co-host John Heilemann also remarked.

"I know my grandkids!" an affable Romney responded, and then shared a pair of fist-bumps with the hosts. --Eric Kleefeld