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Pixar calls back your favorite animated movies in the heartwarming first trailer for Inside Out

You know Pixar Animation as the studio behind some of your favorite animated flicks: Finding Nemo, Up, and the Toy Story franchise, to name a few. They're the movies that play hard to your emotions — making you smile so wide it hurts or unabashedly sob in the middle of the theater — and Pixar knows it.

That's undoubtedly why the animation studio decided to invoke its former projects in the first trailer for its latest film, Inside Out. Announced in 2013, Inside Out takes place entirely inside the brain of a young girl named Riley. Besides Riley, though, the other characters are feelings, not people: Anger, Joy, Sadness, and a few others make up the rest of the main crew. Check out the trailer below, then brace yourself for a long wait — the movie doesn't come out until June 2015. --Kimberly Alters