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Second man arrested on Saturday for attempting to enter the White House

The Secret Service arrested another man for attempting to enter the White House on Saturday, the Associated Press reports, a day after the serious security breach on Friday evening.

The second incident started Saturday afternoon when a man approached one of the White House gates on foot, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said. He later showed up at another gate in a car and pulled into the vehicle screening area. When the man refused to leave, he was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful entry.

Bomb technicians, fully suited, could be seen looking through a white four-door sedan with New Jersey plates and pulling out what appeared to be keys. Streets near the White House were temporarily closed as officers responded, but the White House was not locked down. [AP]

In Friday's incident, a man jumped over the White House fence, and was able to run all the way across the lawn and enter through the North Portico doors. In both cases, however, neither President Obama nor his family were actually at home — they had already departed for Camp David on Friday.