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Michelle Obama urges donors to give money to prevent 'talk about impeachment'

First Lady Michelle Obama told a group of donors that if the Democrats lose control of the Senate this fall — there's a fair chance they might — "more conflict, more obstructionism, more lawsuits, and talk about impeachment" would ensue.

The remark, delivered during a speech at the opening reception of the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum, marked the beginning of a long list of campaign stops Mrs. Obama is slated to make in the coming weeks ahead of the midterm elections.

Earlier in the month, the first lady attended a rally in Georgia in support of Senate candidate Michelle Nunn. There she defended her husband's inability to get more of his policies passed by saying, "We all know who has the final say. It's Congress! It's Congress." She also recently warned Democratic voters that Washington will be "even worse" if Republicans win.

Blaming Republicans for gridlock on Capitol Hill, Mrs. Obama said, "It has gotten so bad they've even tried to block the work I do on childhood obesity. And that's really saying something."

Michelle Obama has a much higher national approval rating (61 percent as of May) than her husband (41 percent).