Speed Reads


Finally, a DVR that will (almost) never run out of space

Anyone with an overstuffed DVR can attest to the anxiety that comes with reaching the limits of your memory space. Do you delete that massive block of Top Chef episodes, or cancel your season pass for Ray Donovan? (It's got to get good sometime, right?)

Fret no more. TiVo will soon debut the TiVo Mega, a 24-terabyte device that can record a whopping 26,000 hours of standard-definition programming. (That's almost three straight years of video.) Those with epicurean tastes will need to settle for a mere 4,000 hours of high-definition, which adds up to a little under six months.

The price for getting a DVR that can hold all the video you can possibly record? A cool $5,000. "It's a steep price, so it's not a product for everyone," conceded CEO Tom Rogers.

Suggested uses for the TiVo Mega include recording every game played by your favorite Major League Baseball team for the next 10 years, or tracking down TiVo's top 100 movies of all time — which would still leave you with 25,800 hours left to fill — so start poring over your TV Guide now.