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Talib Kweli destroys Don Lemon over CNN's coverage of Ferguson — live on CNN

CNN's Don Lemon interviewed Talib Kweli live from Ferguson, Missouri, Thursday, and the segment quickly turned into an uncomfortable argument about whether Lemon was disrespecting the rapper.

"The media has been doing a horrible job of making sure that the stories get out in the right way," Kweli said at the top of the interview. Lemon interjected that he felt CNN was doing a bang-up job in Ferguson, leading Kweli to retort that a CNN report suggesting protesters instigated a fight with police was "inaccurate."

From there, the discussion devolved into a debate about media objectivity, whether Lemon "had the decency" to greet Kweli before the interview began, and whether Lemon was giving him enough time to say his piece. Somehow, the whole bizarre segment still ended with a handshake. --Jon Terbush