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EA announces Netflix-like service for Xbox One games

The latest Netflix-for-something-other-than-movies-and-television-shows service is here, thanks to EA.

Dubbed "EA Access," the subscription service offers Xbox One gamers unlimited entry to The Vault, which houses a collection of EA's top-selling games (current options include FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, and Battlefield 4) for $4.99 a month. TechCrunch notes that the service may be especially attractive to fans of serial titles, such as Madden, which constantly update but cost $70 for each new iteration. And, in addition to offering popular games, the company says it will debut new releases for Access members several days before the titles officially hit the shelves.

EA Access launched in beta to a small pool of gamers today, but the company says it will be available to all Xbox One users soon, although the specific date is unknown.