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Hillary Clinton on whether she's worth millions: 'Yes, yes indeed!'

Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2016 — at least, according to the rest of the nation. No, she hasn't officially declared her candidacy, but the book tour, speech appearances, and talk show visits have everyone hanging on her every word, just waiting for a formal proclamation.

Of course, this type of scrutiny on everything she says has gotten Clinton into trouble recently — especially when it comes to discussing her fortune. After her now-infamous "dead broke" gaffe, the former Secretary of State has once again addressed her wealth in a new interview with Fusion's Jorge Ramos.

Asked by Ramos to put an exact number on her net worth, Clinton demures, saying she knows "within a range" how wealthy she is. Ramos pushes her a bit, asking whether it's in the "millions," to which Clinton responds: "Yes, yes indeed." Watch the exchange below:

We'll see how this affects the ongoing saga of whether or not Clinton is too unrelatable to successfully run for president.