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New Twin Peaks box set gives the TV series a new ending

After more than 20 years with no sign of a Twin Peaks revival, fans are less than two weeks away from a damn good consolation prize: a new Blu-Ray set containing nearly two hours of never-before-seen content cut from the TV show and its film adaptation, Fire Walk With Me. Though the set won't be out until later this month, a special screening of the bonus material in Los Angeles revealed a treasure trove for fans — including, most pivotally, a scene that goes beyond the TV show's now-legendary cliffhanger ending.

According to BuzzFeed, the deleted scene extends past the TV show's final shot, in which a cackling Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) — apparently possessed by the spirit of BOB — smashes his face into a bathroom mirror. As the blood trickles down his face, he lies down on the floor, telling his concerned friends that he merely slipped.

The scene cuts away to Annie Blackburn, comatose in a hospital after her horrific experience in the Black Lodge. In a moment that emphasizes the time-bending properties of Twin Peaks' supernatural side, she mutters, "The good Dale is in the Lodge, and he can't leave. Write it in your diary." (In the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me, Laura Palmer dreams of Annie speaking those same words, well before Agent Cooper even arrives in Twin Peaks.) Finally, a nurse comes in and steals the ring from Annie's finger — the same ring that plays an enigmatic but pivotal role in Fire Walk With Me.

It's not exactly the conclusive ending that fans have clamored for, but it does provide an intriguing blueprint for where a third season of Twin Peaks might have been going. Fans can see it for themselves when Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery arrives on Blu-Ray on July 29. --Scott Meslow