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What's the deal with this?

Jerry Seinfeld makes a hilariously bad CIA whistleblower on Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Earlier this week, a site called MuckRock obtained, through a Freedom of Information Act request, complaints from CIA workers... about the food and service in the cafeteria of the agency's Langley, Virginia, headquarters. Jon Stewart poked some obvious fun at the venal silliness of the situation on Wednesday night's Daily Show: "Apparently, when our intelligence professionals aren't sending drones after terrorists, they're sending bitchy emails about their lunch." But then he introduced a "CIA employee" who'd agreed to anonymously leak more information about this cafeteria scandal.

You will believe what happens next, because we spoiled the joke in the headline. But watch anyway: The source material and delivery are both funny, and the clips is worth your 5 minutes. --Peter Weber