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Zoe Saldana: There are 'better parts for women in space'

If you're a budding actress who's tired of being pigeonholed into the same stereotypical roles, Zoe Saldana has some advice for you: Leave Earth behind.

Saldana is no stranger to sci-fi acting in otherworldly settings, having starred in Star Trek and Avatar as well as the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. In an interview with Alamo Drafthouse's magazine, BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH, Saldana explained that in space, women have more empowering roles:

I like being in space because there are better parts for women in space. I don't have to subject myself to just being the love interest or playing a character that doesn't feel relevant to the story or playing a woman that doesn't feel like an actual depiction of a real woman.

There you have it, folks. For an "actual depiction of a real woman," you'll just have to leave this planet and cover yourself in blue paint.