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World Cup

The World Cup's real winner is Tinder

So you're in Brazil, watching the World Cup, and your team just lost. Or won. Or settled for a draw. Whatever.

You have feelings. You have a smartphone. And, more likely than not if you're an adult, you have Tinder.

The company says users currently located in Brazil are spending nearly 50 percent more time with the online dating app since the World Cup began (approximately 77 minutes, which is a lot of swiping). Similar to the "next level" Tinder scene back at the Sochi Olympics, which spawned the Tumblr Sochi on Tinder, Brazil already has its own answer. A Sao Paulo designer and her friends created Tinder na Copa, featuring screenshots of especially attractive foreign men using the dating app.

Foreigners and locals alike are reportedly trading messages as benign as "Where are you watching the game?" Tinder, after all, can be "for friendship," Francisco Garcia, a 23-year-old Chilean, told USA Today. "It can also be for my romantic life," he added.

So enjoy, World Cup revelers. But on the off chance that you find yourself looking at Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez: Swipe left.