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World Cup

This is why you should follow Rihanna's Twitter feed while watching the World Cup

Twitter can be a bit chaotic during the World Cup. Your feed is inundated with second-by-second commentary, most of which is some variant of "goaaaaal!" (I am completely guilty of this.) But cutting through the noise, somehow, is pop star Rihanna, whose Twitter commentary has been spot on.

Here she is on the just-completed match between Uruguay and England, which saw striker Luis Suarez all but bury England's hopes of advancing with two excellent goals.

How true! This next tweet is a little harder to pinpoint, but judging by the date and level of enthusiasm, I'm going to guess it's a reference to Tim Cahill's wonder volley against the Netherlands.

Gat damn indeed. This next tweet is not tied to a particular World Cup event I don't think, but it's fantastic.

And this tweet was in response to Portuguese defender Pepe needlessly headbutting another player, earning himself a red card. What more is there to say? --Ryu Spaeth