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Florida man 'Fat Boy' arrested with 20 grams of pot stashed in his stomach fat

When trying to fool the cops, why hide drugs in your stomach when you could hide them beneath it? That's the approach a 450-pound Florida man, Christopher Mitchell, took when police nabbed him last Friday.

Authorities initially pulled Mitchell over after noticing he wasn't wearing a seatbelt — he claimed he was "too large" to wear it — and a drug-sniffing dog gave them reason to search the vehicle. Police found approximately 20 grams of marijuana stashed "under Mitchell's stomach fat," according to a police report, as well as a handgun and $7,000 in cash. (The latter two were, thankfully, not found in Mitchell's prodigious belly.)

Nicknamed "Biggie" and "Fat Boy," Mitchell was charged with drug possession and not wearing a seat belt.