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You killed the car

House featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off sells for $1.06 million

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Bueller? Bueller?

While that may be one of the 1986 film’s more memorable lines, the most iconic scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was set in the home of Bueller’s buddy, Cameron Frye. Cameron claims his father loves his mint-condition 1961 Ferarri more than anything else, and he and Ferris (played by a young Matthew Broderick) are frantically trying to reverse the odometer, to hide that they have driven the car, when Cameron makes a fatal mistake, nudging the car down so that its tires make contact with the floor, and it speeds backward through the window and into the ravine below:

The smashed window in the steel-and-glass Highland Park home has long since been replaced, and the house sold on Friday for $1.06 million, only half of what the original owners asked for, when they first put the property on the market back in 2009. Lucky for the house's new occupants, any vehicles they choose to store in the auto pavilion should be safe, notes the Chicago Tribune. The previous owners renovated all of the room’s steel and windows before selling.