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failure to launch

Watch a Russian rocket explode shortly after take-off


A Russian rocket launch into space didn't go exactly as planned. On Friday, a Proton-M rocket carrying communication satellites meant to provide internet access to remote areas of Russia exploded shortly after taking off from a base in Kazakhstan. Officials lost contact with the rocket 100 miles into its ascent, when it reportedly veered off path and disintegrated.

Several Russian television networks aired the launch live, so the whole incident was caught on camera. The European-built satellite that the rocket was carrying was worth $29 billion and the rocket was insured for $225 million. There were no injuries on the ground, reports Russia Today.

This accident is just the latest in a string of embarrassments for Russia — this is the sixth major launch failure in the past three and a half years for that type of rocket.

Watch the rocket go boom about 1:30 in. -- Jordan Valinsky