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Grand Old Bread

The makers of Wonder Bread are the most Republican company in the U.S.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The New York Times reports that the single most Republican corporation in America is Georgia-based Flowers Foods — the makers of Wonder Bread. "Flowers is the only food company with a PAC that consistently gives more than $100,000 per election cycle to Republicans and nothing to Democrats," the article said.

Since 1979, Flowers Foods' PAC has donated 99.5 percent of its contributions to Republicans, with not even one donation from the PAC to a Democratic candidate in the last 20 years. Moreover, the only currently serving Democrat in Congress who has even gotten an individual contribution from a Flowers employee is Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA), who received $500 from a Flowers executive during his first campaign way back in 1992.

By comparison, the Times says: "The PAC of Koch Industries, the well-known supporter of Republican candidates and conservative causes, has given nearly as much money to Democrats in the past 14 months as Flowers Foods has in more than 30 years."