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Iran's president rejects proposal to ban WhatsApp

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

The internet has been abuzz the past few days over reports that Iran blocked messaging service WhatsApp because its owner, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is an "American Zionist." Although it's true that a committee secretary from Iran's Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content made that anti-Semitic remark and wants to ban the service, the app isn't actually banned.

President Hassan Rouhani vetoed a plan today to ban WhatsApp, reports AFP. Although access to social networks like Twitter and Facebook is blocked in the tightly controlled country, Rouhani appears to be making good on his promise to ease the country's restrictions on the flow of information.

"The issue of banning WhatsApp was raised," said Telecommunication Minister Mahmoud Vaezi, according to reformist newspaper Sharq. "Until the time that we have a replacement for these sites, the government opposes filtering them."