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that's so fetch

These Mean Girls facts are totally grool


It's been a decade since Mean Girls introduced us to the term "fetch," wearing pink on Wednesdays, and the rules of feminism. Over at The Daily Beast, they're celebrating the movie's 10th anniversary by sharing little-known facts about the ridiculously quotable film.

For instance, Lindsay Lohan was actually supposed to play Regina George, not Cady Heron, but the studio apparently thought audiences wouldn’t buy her as a "bad girl" (they did not have ESP). Speaking of Lohan, she was 18 during filming, making her the only main character who really could have been in high school. There's just a seven year age gap between Rachel McAdams and Amy Poehler, who played McAdams' not regular, but cool mom. Also, if you thought Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels, looked like Jimmy Fallon, you're in good company: Tina Fey thought the same thing, and that's how he got the role.

Most importantly, though, Glen Coco is a real person, and friends with Fey. You go, Glen Coco!