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Colorado is reconsidering how much THC can go into foodstuffs


How much weed is too much weed? That's more or less the question Colorado is grappling with following a couple of high-profile deaths allegedly linked to excess ingestion of THC, marijuana's active ingredient.

A Colorado task force is meeting Wednesday to reconsider the state's limit on the amount of THC that can go into edible snacks, candies, and the like. The state already restricts THC in food products to 10 milligrams per serving and caps servings at 10 per package, though officials believe those limits may not be strict enough. The move comes after a college student reportedly leapt to his death after consuming a pot-infused cookie, and after a Denver man shot his wife to death after eating weed candy.

I'm a bit skeptical that stricter caps will achieve the desired goal. If each weed brownie has less THC in it, won't people just eat more of them to get the same effect?