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Meet the zonkey, an adorable donkey-zebra hybrid


If you've always wondered what a half-donkey, half-zebra would look like, the Zoologico de Reynosa in northern Mexico has the answer. Khumba, the world's second zonkey born in the last two years, entered the world last week.

Khumba's mother is a zebra named Rayas, and his father, Ignacio, is a dwarf albino donkey. Both of his parents are also residents of the Reynosa Zoo.

Last year, another zonkey, Ippo, was born in Florence, Italy, to a zebra father and donkey mother. Unfortunately, Khumba himself won't be able to continue the zonkey line, as he is incapable of reproduction with any other species.

Watch Khumba play at the zoo below. --Meghan DeMaria