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Numbers don't lie

Only one-third of Americans want to repeal ObamaCare

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Republicans have toned down their calls to repeal ObamaCare since the start of the year, and a new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation helps to explain why: Only 35 percent of all adults say the law should be repealed and replaced with something else, while 58 percent think the law should stay and be improved.

It's a significant finding given the predominant narrative that ObamaCare has been a disastrous, unpopular fiasco. And it suggests that, though Democrats are likely to lose some ground in November due to structural disadvantages and President Obama's low approval rating, the health care law itself is not the political liability it once was. Indeed, a sizable majority of independent voters favor keeping the law.

Still, Democrats have hardly won the messaging war. The poll also found that more Americans view the law unfavorably (46 percent) than favorably (38 percent), though that gap has shrunk since October's horrible rollout.