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Jon Stewart takes a victory lap around Cliven Bundy's 'negro studies' debacle


Fox News, especially star anchor Sean Hannity, can't say that Jon Stewart didn't warn them. On Thursday night's Daily Show, Stewart revisited the controversy around BLM-fighting Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, who was in the news Thursday for a newly surfaced video of a news conference in which he offered to tell those gathered "one more thing I know about the Negro." Ah, Stewart said, so Bundy is not only a cattle welfare cheat and denier of the federal government but also a "professor of Negro Studies."

The things that Bundy knows about "the Negro" were so beyond the pale that even Hannity called them "beyond repugnant" and "beyond despicable." Stewart not-quite-graciously accepted Fox News' distancing of itself from Bundy, made a nice quip about the founding fathers, then moved on... to ridiculing CNN for its still-ongoing, increasingly ridiculous, utterly baffling wall-to-wall coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. He brought in Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Jordan Klepper, and Jessica Williams to help. --Peter Weber