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A fine bromance

Watch Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen charmingly bomb at The Newlywed Game


"Bromance" seems like the wrong term for the delightful public friendship of Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen — too classless, perhaps, or frat-boyish, or even heteronormative? — but perhaps it's what BuzzFeed had in mind when it asked the two actors to play a version of The Newlywed Game before they decamped from New York earlier this month. The video, from February, was rediscovered by Jezebel over the weekend:

The gentlemen don't exactly bat 1.000, but that was never the joy of The Newlywed Game. If this isn't enough Stewart/McKellen fun for you, you can watch the entire 50-minute BuzzFeed Brews event, moderated by Tommy Wesely. Or if eight minutes is too long, here's a 1:20 section where the two actors do their best impersonation of each other. --Peter Weber