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Hillary Clinton's publisher unveils her book cover, title

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Coming soon to a book store near you: Hard Choices, the newest book from best-selling author Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"All of us face hard choices in our lives," Clinton writes at the book's beginning. "Life is about making these choices, and how we handle them shapes the people we become."

The book's title and cover, released today by publisher Simon & Schuster, begins the PR blitz ahead of the June 10 release. Detailing Clinton's time as secretary of State, the memoir dovetails nicely with a — still theoretical — 2016 presidential bid. Simon & Schuster's news may have been a bit overshadowed, though, as Clinton announced her excitement on Thursday over daughter Chelsea's pregnancy announcement:

Former first lady, New York senator, secretary of State, author — grandmother-to-be could nevertheless prove Clinton's most lasting title.