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Cuddly comfort dogs are coming to the Boston Marathon this weekend

Courtesy Facebook/LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs

The golden retrievers that gained national attention last year for helping those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing are plotting a comeback tour. Lutheran Church Charities said it's bringing back the familiar furry friends to this year's race to help those still rattled by last year's tragic attack.

"Dogs just bring a wonderful comfort," said the church's president, Tim Hetzner. "They're a calming presence and allow victims to open up and talk about what happened — which is a critical part of the healing process." The cuddly creatures were first dispatched to Newtown, Conn., following the shootings at Sandy Hook to help calm kids down.

Six therapy retrievers will be on a whirlwind tour of Boston this weekend. In addition to mingling with the public downtown, the pups are slated to visit hospitals, victims' families, and first responders. "Our goal is to bring mercy and healing to those that are not only physically affected, but emotionally affected, too," said Hetnzer.

After all, happiness is a warm puppy.